10/7/2010 (11:11am)

In the Mood for Veggies??

It’s Vegetarian/Vegan month and we are pumped to learn all about this lifestyle. Why would someone become a vegetarian?? We found this list of reasons why you gotta go veggie!

international dinner at dismas. taco night, fiesta! dallas, emma, rachel and rachel went this month and put together quite the mexican feast. on the table were flour tortillas, taco seasoned ground beef, fresh/mild/tequila lime salsas, mexican blend cheese, fresh made guacamole, pinto beans, refried beans, fiesta black bean mix, sweet corn, mexican rice with black beans, and sour cream. for delicious was a luscious and moist tres leches cake, which all the men swooned over. overall, it was a lot of fun and the food was greatly appreciated!

our first dinner! already, many lessons learned.

9/25/2010 (11:52am) 1 note

just desserts : )

hey y’all! tomorrow is the first of our monthly dinners. international themed awesomeness to ensue…. taylor and I (rebecca) have decided to take the dessert course and make german chocolate cake!!! 

9/12/2010 (1:55am) 1 note

International Month!

Hey y’all! As we proceed into the third (ahhh so soon!) week of September, this VIP group has just been getting started. A couple of us made an AWESOME collage to present, and Allie and Rachel turned in personal reflections. Then last night six of us went to Bombay Palace to get a little taste of Indian food, which was incredible. I had vegetable kormal and it was super super yummy! Although we should have ordered more naan. We were also joined by former Westie, Kelly, which was a delight. Then a trip to Sweet Cece’s (because eating red velvet froyo is always a good idea) completed my night, even though others went different routes. As far as plans for the rest of the month go, we will be cooking some sort of international pot luck dinner and discussing our various around-the-world experiences, which will provide perspectives as varied as China, India, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, England, Mexico… both from a native and foreigner point of view thanks to our Asian friends Tara and Cozy. Anywayssss it will be a fantastic night and I can’t wait to share how it goes! Goodnight, with much foodie, vip, and barnard 3 love.

a small group (unofficial) outing to Zumi Sushi

8/24/2010 (10:56pm) 1 note

our first event!

today we had a planning meeting followed by a VIP dinner, our first official VIP anything. here are some pictures (mostly of the food, because that’s what we really love). looking forward to an interesting and delicious year! :)

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

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George Bernard Shaw